My Story


I am Charlotte. I am a wife, a mother of six (two of them are four legged), a citizen of the world and a baker. I love cupcakes! Little cakes are fun to make and eat. I love that they are just the right size and packed with flavor. 

I have called eight cities in six countries my home. Through my little cakes I can share the flavors of the countries I hold dear. Hence, began my love affair. 

The smell of cinnamon in my Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes are reminiscent of my childhood, while the aroma of the Mocha Coffee Cupcakes embrace me in Aloha. I am transported to a hammock under the palm trees of El Salvador by Coconut Cupcakes and reminded of my sunny days in Puerto Rico by Rum Soaked Raisin and Custard Cream cakes. And now, in my new Dutch home, I am comforted by the sent of
Stroopwafle Cupcakes baking in the oven. 

This is my affair. You can have one too! 

It will be love at first bite!